Our youth need a safe space where they can come together, engage in spiritual and fun activities, and express themselves freely. We believe that our youth have been longing to have a place to call their own and to be able to identify with. By investing in a well-equipped, attractive facility, we are telling our teens that the church cares about them and is willing to spend time, resources and effort on them. Each youth and the things they are interested in matter and have a place. This center will create and support opportunities for youth to develop holistically and to experience a sense of belongingness.

​Donating in Ethiopia

We need faithful partners to make this center a reality! Your gift will help to create a safe, loving, Christ-centered environment for the youth of IEC and those in the surrounding community. 

Account Holder: International Evangelical Church
Please note that it is for the “IEC Youth Center”

Awash Bank
Africa Andinet Branch
Account No.: 01304027715500

United Bank
Bisrate Gabriel Branch
Account No.: 1241116270154019

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia 
Hiwot Amba Branch
Account No.: 1000248494828

Berhan Bank
Sarbet Branch
Account No.: 15011600065392